Safe and Sober

Safe and Sober is a partnership between the Community Coalition, Saratoga County Sheriff's office, and South Glens Falls Village police department targeting drugged driving. The CCFW's data shows individuals 18-25 are more likely to drive under the influence of legal and illegal drugs than alcohol. To combat this issue the CCFW is providing trainings, funding and equipment for law enforcement to practice High Visibility Enforcement of DWI laws. It is important for law makers, parents, teachers, police and the entire community to change our way of thinking around DWI and remember that anything can impair an individual's ability to drive.

​Remember: When a pharmaceutical ad says do not operate heavy machinery, they mean your car, not just fork lift drivers.
​Remember: Drug Recognition Experts can legally determine what substance you used, you are not less likely to be caught.
​Remember: Sober applies to all substances that may impair your ability to make decisions behind the wheel not just alcohol.