Coalition By-Laws

Bylaws of:
The Community Coalition for Family Wellness
Approved on May 14, 2014

The name of the organization is the Community Coalition for Family Wellness, also known as CCFW or the Coalition in these articles.

CCFW is an organization of caring community members working proactively to reduce youth substance use and risky behavior, while providing families with resources, education, and activities that promote safety, health and wellness.
The Coalition’s purpose is to strengthen and forge partnerships in the community which contribute to a healthy environment for all members of the community. The work of CCFW encompasses the geographic area served by the South Glens Falls School District.

CCFW guides itself by these values:

CCFW is a group open to all who have an interest in reducing youth alcohol and drug use in their community. While the geographic area served is defined by the boundaries of the South Glens Falls School District, members may work and/or reside outside of these boundaries. Since it is the CCFW’s goal to act as an appropriate role model for youth, families and peers, it is expected that members will refrain from engaging in behavior that would negatively impact the image of the Coalition. A Coalition member may be asked to step down if his/her behavior would be detrimental to the Coalition’s mission.
There is no limit on the number of members participating in the Coalition. There are two categories of membership: Participating and Supporting. Participating members are those who are active in furthering the work of the Coalition. Responsibilities of Participating Members may include: 

Supporting members are groups and individuals that acknowledge their affiliation with CCFW and receive communications. Responsibilities of Supporting Members may include: 

The following committees have been established:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall be made up of a Chair and Vice-Chair, a Secretary, two At-Large coalition members and paid staff when applicable. This committee will guide the overall work of the coalition. Executive Committee members will be nominated by participating members of the Coalition and confirmed by majority vote when more than one nomination is presented. Executive Committee members will serve two-year terms. The Executive Committee will meet every other month per calendar year.

DFC Steering Committee
The Drug Free Communities Support Program Grant requires coalition representation from the following sectors: Youth (under age 18), Parents, Business, Media, School, Youth Serving Organizations, Law Enforcement, Religious or Fraternal Organizations, Civic or Volunteer Groups, Healthcare Professionals, State/Local/Tribal Government Representatives, and Other Organizations Involved in Reducing Substance Abuse. The role of this committee’s members is outlined in the Coalition Involvement Agreement. The Steering Committee will meet four times per calendar year. Members of this committee will be invited by Participating Members. Supporting Members may suggest potential members for the Steering Committee.

Finance Committee
This committee will consist of no more than three individuals who will provide financial oversight of any program funds directed to the Coalition that are handled by the Moreau Community Center. The same statute applies to Coalition program funds managed by any other fiscal agent. Members of the Finance Committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee. The Finance Committee will meet four times per calendar year.

Ad Hoc Committees
The Coalition will identify the need for and establish various committees based on any activities/events/issues that arise. Each Ad Hoc Committee will determine their own meeting schedule. Examples of Ad Hoc Committees include, but are not limited to: Events Committee, Grants Committee, Marketing Committee.

CCFW will meet on a monthly basis per calendar year. Committees will meet based on their own established schedule. Each summer the Coalition will conduct an annual planning meeting open to all Coalition members. Due to potential funding requirements for the Coalition, all meetings must be documented with minutes, including present and absent members and placed on file with the Executive Committee.
Participating Members may contribute to the decision-making process by voting on proposals. A proposal will be considered accepted when the majority present at a meeting has voted to approve it, or in the case of a vote conducted via email, the majority who have responded within a designated timeframe voted to approve it. In the event that there may be or appears to be a Conflict of Interest between a Coalition Member and a coalition activity, the Coalition member will exclude themselves from participating in the decision.

These articles may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the participating membership in attendance at any regularly announced Coalition meeting. The amendment shall be put forward one month prior to the actual vote for said amendment.