About CCFW


MISSION: CCFW is an organization of caring community members working proactively to reduce youth substance use and risky behavior, while providing families with resources, education, and activities that promote safety, health and wellness.

CCFW values:
  • Productive partnerships with other community agencies
  • Education and resources for all community members
  • Youth involvement in the education and prevention of substance abuse

CCFW was formed in 2010 by alumni of South Glens Falls High School following the sudden deaths of several students.  While initially their focus revolved around suicide prevention and raising awareness of mental health issues, they branched out to include alcohol and substance abuse prevention once survey results showed this as an area of concern.  Check out the accomplishments page for an overview of past activities and events that the coalition has provided for the community. 

As part of the Drug Free Communities Grant, the coalition is required to have representatives from 12 different sectors. These sectors include: youth, business, civic/volunteer group, healthcare professional, law enforcement, media, parent, school, religious/fraternal organization, state, local, or tribal government agency, youth serving organization, and other organizations involved in reducing substance use. If you are involved in one of these and are interested in joining the coalition, please contact the coalition coordinator at ccfw-coordinator@preventioncouncil.org